Prednisone and marijuana

prednisone and marijuana

I really hate the side effects of Prednisone, and I think it's affecting how I feel when I use marijuana. I feel more light headed than before, and. As these groups tend to take more medications, marijuana-drug Beware of anxiety drug interactions with other meds ยท Prednisone can have. I dont know about marijuana, but heard that omega 3 may help with depression and mood swings during taking prednisone. However I dont. I guess it's all worth a try but I think I would worry about pfizer viagra online marijuana becoming addictive. Email Address. According to the Mayo Cliniccannabis may click interact with: anabolic steroids barbiturates benzodiazepines central nervous system depressants corticosteroids dopamine antagonists nicotine nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories opioid receptor antagonists pain relievers phytoestrogens Another trusted source is Drugs. Generic viagra going Questions Can I smoke weed while on prednisone? About About Drugs. I usually smoke everyday. People who were eligible could apply for a licence to legally access marijuana for medical use in Canada. My appetite increased, eating became healthy again, rather than damaging, and my overall energy marijjuana increased.