Prednisone dehydration

prednisone dehydration

Prednisone is a type of steroid that is used to treat inflammatory conditions. Find out how how to lessen the side effects of prednisone. Prednisone is a steroid that may be used to treat cancer. more fluids so that you do not become dehydrated (lack water in the body from losing too much fluid) . Learn about the potential side effects of prednisolone. Includes common and rare side effects information for consumers and healthcare.

Prednisone dehydration - agree, this

Akorn, Inc. When to call the doctor Call your doctor or nurse right away if you have any of these symptoms: Fever of For this reason, be sure to talk with your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant while getting this drug. To learn more, visit healthwise. Food and Drug Interactions This drug may interact with grapefruit and grapefruit juice. If you are using this medicine for a long time, tell your doctor about any extra stress or anxiety in your life, including other health concerns and emotional stress. If your healthcare provider recommends prednisone, Tomaka offers the following tips about how to avoid side effects:. Possible Side Effects Abnormal heart beat Headache High blood pressure Increased sweating Blurred vision or other changes in eyesight Tiredness and weakness Changes in mood, which may include depression or a feeling of extreme well-being Trouble sleeping Feeling restless unable to relax Skin changes such as rash, dryness redness Increased appetite increased hunger Weight gain Electrolyte changes Increased risk of infections Aggravation of stomach ulcers Pain in your abdomen Nausea Blood sugar levels may change. Call your doctor or nurse as soon as possible if any of these symptoms happen: Change in hearing, ringing in the ears Decreased urine Unusual thirst or passing urine often Pain in your mouth or throat that makes it hard to eat or drink Nausea that is not relieved by prescribed medicines Rash that is not relieved by prescribed medicines Heavy menstrual period that lasts longer than normal Numbness, tingling, decreased feeling or weakness in fingers, toes, arms, or legs Trouble walking or changes in the way you walk, feeling clumsy when buttoning clothes, opening jars, or other routine hand motions Swelling of legs, ankles, or feet Weight gain of 5 pounds in one week fluid retention Lasting loss of appetite or rapid weight loss of five pounds in a week Fatigue that interferes with your daily activities Headache that does not go away Painful, red, or swollen areas on your hands or feet. Avoiding Weight Gain. Mixing corticosteroids lilly cialis as prednisone and anticoagulant medicines e. Frequency not reported : Bradycardiacardiac arrestcardiac arrhythmias, cardiac enlargement, circulatory collapse, congestive heart failurefat embolism, hypertension or aggravation of hypertension, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in premature infants, myocardial rupture following recent myocardial infarction, syncopetachycardiathromboembolismthrombophlebitis, vasculitisedema [ Ref ]. If your dose is different, do not change it unless your doctor tells you to do so. To learn more, visit healthwise. Many people have benefitted from prednisone without serious side effects. You should get prednisone dehydration medical treatment. Avoid close contact this web page people who have a cold, the flu, or other infections. If you are using this medicine for a long time, tell click doctor about link extra stress prednisone dehydration anxiety in your life, including other health concerns and emotional stress. References 1. However, you need do so only click the direction of your doctor. Children taking prednisone for any length of time should be monitored closely for any signs of long-term side effects such as impaired growth. Frequency not reported : Potassium losses, hypokalemia alkalosissodium retention, negative nitrogen balance due to protein catabolism, manifestation of latent diabetes mellitusincreases in total cholesterol, low density lipoproteins, and triglycerides, obesitydyslipidemia, calciphylaxis [ Ref ]. These effects may be due to dehhydration sudden change in glucocorticosteroid concentrations rather than to low corticosteroid levels. All rights reserved. Https:// this prednjsone with food to prrednisone the risk of upset stomach.